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Standard Plastisol

Plastisol printing is considered the industry standard for textile printing. The ink sits on top of the fabric, allowing the colors to be bright and vibrant for many washes, though it does have a thicker feel than other printing techniques. Plastisol inks can be easily matched to any Pantone number and allow for a variety of additives to create softer prints or specialty finishes.

Water Based Ink

Water based inks are best used on white and light colored garments, however they can also be used on colored garments to provide a faded, vintage look to them. Water based inks embed themselves into the fabric, leaving no feeling of raised ink on the garment like you get with Plastisol. Because water based inks are more transparent, Pantone matching is not as accurate on coloured garments as water based inks tend to take on shades of the fabric color it is printed on. This type of printing is recommended for white or lighter coloured garments. This ink is  eco-friendly, made from vegetable dyes. 


Discharge inks are used on dark colored fabrics. Discharge ink removes the dye from the fabric where it is printed, leaving the natural colors of the fibers behind. This ink can also be dyed to produce a bright white or colored print. Discharge results will vary slightly based on brand and style of garment and may even vary within the same lot. This type of ink can only be used on 100% cotton garments, although interesting but inconsistent vintage looks can be achieved when used on cotton-poly blends. As the discharge ink removes the dye from the fabric instead of printing ink on top of it, there is no raided ink feeling to this type of print at all, however this effect is only felt after the garment is washed for the first time to remove the discharge agent.


Foil provides a bright, metallic effect for your garments that is very popular in fashion apparel. Foil can be used as a stand alone effect or to highlight an element in a multi-colored design. Available in many metalic colours, foil will provide an eye catching look for many washes to come. It will eventually start to fade and flake off with repeated washes and should be cared for accordingly

Full Color Process

Full color process, simulated process and index printing are all techniques used to create images that have many colors using only a few screens. Similar to a home deskjet printer; by blending CMYK transparent inks together, we can create photo realistic images and detailed illustrations that contain hundreds of colors and shades. When viewed up close, these images are created using thousands of tiny halftone dots arranged in a particular pattern to create the illusion of a full colored print. When trying to recreate a photo realistic image, this is a great option.

Over Sized Printing

Our standard print size is 15" x 17". Sometimes though, you just want something bigger. Over sized printing allows that graphic you want printed to really stand tall and not get lost on larger shirts. With two over sized options, 18" x 20" and 20" x 24", we can make sure the garment or poster you are looking to create can't be ignored. Please note that for apparel printing, over sized images may interfere with the seams and collars of smaller and women's garments, which may cause inconsistencies in the print. Water based and discharge inks are recommended for this type of printing.

Specialty Inks

We offer a wide variety of specialty inks available for our customers, and we are always looking to experiment with new techniques. Metallic, glitter, glow in the dark, suede finish and puff inks are just some of the many specialty inks available to create the exact effect you are trying to achieve. Let us know what you are looking for and we can help you figure out the perfect solution.


Don't let your designs be limited by a standard placements; Your garment can look exactly the way you imagine them! With custom made plattens, we're ready for printing on legs and sleeves, wrap around prints on the side of shirts, seat printing on shorts and sweats or over the zippers of hoodies!  Please note that certain areas of aftermarket garments, such as over seams and zippers, may cause slight inconsistencies in the print.


Finishing Options

Our finishing options are the little additions that can turn ordinary printed garments into a retail-ready brand. Printed inner tags and hem tag removal, sewn in tags and attached hang tags, individually folded and poly bagged garments are all low cost options we offer to our customers. We also offer individual vinyl cut names and numbers for our athletic wear clients. Couple your printed garment with some finishing options and custom printed packaging and you will be presenting a cohesive and professional brand in no time.